Midsummer Night’s Dream




Lately, life has just felt like a bad dream I’m waiting to wake up from. I can’t wait to go back to New York.

midsummer(From 1935)


Garden of Earthly Delights


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Wow wow wow! I think I just discovered my new favorite label!

These looks from Carven are to die, and I just looked at their 2013 Pre-Fall… amazing!

carven-rtw-fw2012-runway-007_094443411326 carven-rtw-fw2012-runway-011_09444561069 carven-rtw-fw2012-runway-013_094447192008 Dying over the print on this dress! Loving the Garden of Earthly Delights reference, especially when one can easily relate it to the hedonism of the fashion industry.carven-rtw-fw2012-runway-015_09444888487 I can definitely see myself rocking this little black dress look. I’ve even been wearing my hair like this lately!carven-rtw-fw2012-runway-018_094451390021

A Downton Wedding


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If you watched the series premiere of Downton Abbey last week, you know Mary and Matthew finally get married! I was actually surprised by how small a part the ceremony played in the episode, and that they didn’t show the vows. It’s probably better that way though, I had a few to drink and was already bawling when Lady Mary walked down the stairs in her gown.

downton_abbey_lady_mary_wedding_dressThe gown was relatively simple, and very fitting for a 1920’s look. It is supposedly the most expensive costume ever made for the show, which tells you a lot about the cost of wedding dresses!

downton_abbey_lady_mary_wedding_dress_crop_2I’ve never been one of those girls who day dreams about her wedding, but I’ve definitely spotted a few gowns over the years that I really like. Of course, if I ever did get married, I would make my own wedding dress. I can’t imagine spending thousands on a dress I’d only wear for one day!

I really loved almost all the gowns in Vera Wang’s Fall 2012 collection. Probably because they are so not wedding-y. Nothing white, with a very ethereal overall feeling. I can get down with that. I would just as soon wear one of these for a photo shoot!


0001344218523_f_VW_Fall12_Bridal_Joelle_1200x1800_frontWhile these dresses are obviously amazing, they are very modern. I think if I had to pick my all time favorite wedding dress, it would be the surprisingly simple gown Princess Margaret wore in 1960.

princessmargaretmargaret_BestCoupleI think it’s the skirt that really makes the dress. Grace Kelly’s is also inspirational, and in her’s the bodice makes it. Combining the two would be perfect!

grace-kelly-569 Can’t wait for next weeks episode of Downton Abbey, and Lady Edith’s wedding!

Dream Vamp


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After trolling old Hollywood Tumblrs for hours the other night, I discovered my new obsession is the hair and makeup of the 1920’s, and that infamous vamp, Theda Bara.

THEDA theda-bara-early-1920s_i-G-37-3705-W7CAF00Z Theda_Bara-VintageCelebs-com-00004

Love this last photo!

Now my hair just needs to grow another eight inches and I’ll be set!

“To be good is to be forgotten. I’m going to be so bad I’ll always be remembered.” –Theda Bara

Resolutions for a Better Year


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Ziegfeld Model - Non-Risque - by Alfred Cheney Johnston - Pierrot Serenading Three Women

Last year, I made a list of four resolutions, all which seemed very relevant to what was going on in my life. Out of those, I accomplished one, and half accomplished the other three. There were a few things that got in my way which turned out to be beneficial, but I still feel like last year didn’t live up to its potential. It felt like a stepping stone year, a year where certain bricks were laid in place, to make this new one even better.

To keep building upon 2012, I’ve made a list of goals for this year. Some are bigger than others and they all add up to a better, happier person. 2013, a year for self improvement!

Work goals: Become a visual manager, move back to New York.
I was lucky enough this past year to have an awesome opportunity to go to New York and work in the Support Office. The biggest lesson I learned? Sometimes things aren’t as great as you thought they’d be once you get them. I hated working in an office. But I fell in love with New York. The people, the culture, the romance of the city. Coming back to Philadelphia felt like a death knell. My goal is to move back to New York doing something I love, and definitely by the Fall.

Travel goals: Visit London and Berlin, return to Paris and Montreal.
One of the perks of working at H&M? Four weeks paid vacation! I only got to leave the country once last year, and I don’t want to let that happen again. Travel has always been one of my top priorities, and I think this year will be a perfect opportunity to do so!

Educational goals: Learn the things I keep putting off.
I’ve always wanted to be fluent in German, since I can read a little. This year, I need to just do it. I already have the Rosetta Stone, maybe planning a trip to Berlin in the Fall can be my motivation? I also want to learn to cook some things, and have my eye on a few good cook books to start me off. I’d also like to just take some random classes- maybe acting? Or once I move back to NYC, the classes at FIT would be a great way to network.

Personal goals: Work on improving my interactions and forming new and better friendships.
I learned a lot about myself this year. A LOT. I realized that there are many things that I don’t like and want to change that. How can I achieve this? Well, I think working on my other goals is a start to becoming a better rounded individual. I also need to focus on being a better friend and more open to new things.

Phew! It’s a lot, but I think I’m up for the challenge! Let’s make sure 2013 is an amazing year!

Goodbye 2012!


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I have to admit, I’m so glad this year is over!

It was full of a lot of ups and downs, challenges, and many many changes.

I think this was a huge year of growth for me, and hopefully I will be able to reap the benefits in the new year. But more about that later…

For now, let’s put on our party dresses and dance the night away!