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If you watched the series premiere of Downton Abbey last week, you know Mary and Matthew finally get married! I was actually surprised by how small a part the ceremony played in the episode, and that they didn’t show the vows. It’s probably better that way though, I had a few to drink and was already bawling when Lady Mary walked down the stairs in her gown.

downton_abbey_lady_mary_wedding_dressThe gown was relatively simple, and very fitting for a 1920’s look. It is supposedly the most expensive costume ever made for the show, which tells you a lot about the cost of wedding dresses!

downton_abbey_lady_mary_wedding_dress_crop_2I’ve never been one of those girls who day dreams about her wedding, but I’ve definitely spotted a few gowns over the years that I really like. Of course, if I ever did get married, I would make my own wedding dress. I can’t imagine spending thousands on a dress I’d only wear for one day!

I really loved almost all the gowns in Vera Wang’s Fall 2012 collection. Probably because they are so not wedding-y. Nothing white, with a very ethereal overall feeling. I can get down with that. I would just as soon wear one of these for a photo shoot!


0001344218523_f_VW_Fall12_Bridal_Joelle_1200x1800_frontWhile these dresses are obviously amazing, they are very modern. I think if I had to pick my all time favorite wedding dress, it would be the surprisingly simple gown Princess Margaret wore in 1960.

princessmargaretmargaret_BestCoupleI think it’s the skirt that really makes the dress. Grace Kelly’s is also inspirational, and in her’s the bodice makes it. Combining the two would be perfect!

grace-kelly-569 Can’t wait for next weeks episode of Downton Abbey, and Lady Edith’s wedding!