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I went to see Bunuel’s Tristana last night, and it was great.

I’ve been a huge fan of Bunuel for years, he created two of my favorite movies. This particular film was much less surreal, but still just as striking.

Catherine Deneuve is absolutely gorgeous. She plays a young girl trapped in a small Spanish town, and by the end, she is an embittered disabled woman. I couldn’t help but love the wardrobe and how it changed with her character. Her clothing, as well as her hair and makeup grow darker as the story progresses. I love that Bunuel takes things like that into consideration. In The Obscure Object of Desire he actually has two different women play the main character. One is the more innocent moments and the other the scandalous.

In Tristana’s teenage years she is bright-eyed in pig tails.

But by the end… she’s mega bitter and mega babe-ly.

Is it weird that this is exactly the sort of fashion look I’ve been dreaming of lately? 1920’s Spanish peasant? Black, lace, unkempt hair, long skirts, pale skin, dark eyes, subtle religious undertones- gimme gimme!

Definitely worth checking out!