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I had a lovely vacation this past week in Montreal! The weather was perfect, at least 15 degrees cooler than here in the States. We did a lot of shopping, especially in the Mile End area, where there was a trove of vintage shops and used books stores. As I said before, I left my camera back home so I only got to shoot two outfits…

This has been one of my favorite dresses for years! When packing for this trip I did things a little differently… Instead of packing a lot of separates, I packed just enough dresses for the time I was going to be there. I brought flats for the day and one pair of heels, and a dressy shirt with two different skirts.

I usually dress pretty bland when I travel, but this time I wanted to keep it classier, all in one suitcase! I wore this skirt in a previous post, and it’s one of my favorites. I packed several maxi skirts to save myself some sunscreen; I went through almost a whole bottle in a week!

Although I didn’t have my camera this time, I think this new way of packing will definitely lead to packing how-to posts in the future! I’m going to London and possibly Berlin in the Fall, so I will be packing again then!

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