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I often wonder where the source of my aesthetic taste comes from, namely my love of urban decay and its beauty.

I went home for a visit the other day, and one of the answers became strikingly obvious. The city where I grew up, Bethlehem, is home to one of the grandest examples of urban decay- Bethlehem Steel.

The sprawling complex was home to America’s second largest steel producer, and has a fascinating history. They even discuss Bethlehem Steel in an episode of Mad Men! The land is now home to many revitalized areas, while some of the blighted buildings still remain. The steel stacks are an iconic part of the Southside’s history, and the point on Sand Island where the creek meets the river, giving you a perfect view is my favorite vantage point, well, ever.

Since most of the photos people usually take are of the overall landscape, I decided to show a few close-ups. I have plenty more for another time!

Bethlehem Steel Complex
(Personal Photos)