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Some more images from the book The New Eighteenth-Century Style. These first few are from a house along the border between Normandy and Brittany, built in 1726.

These are from a home in Angers which used to be a shoe factory and was across the street from a Benedictine convent. It is interesting to me that there are really no traces of a factory ‘look’ to this living space.

I just finished reading a book on city planning in Paris, and it’s filled with great quotes reminding me of how wonderful the city is. There is definitely something different about European cities compared to say, New York. They evoke a feeling and a history, and I thought this quote was very lovely:

“Paris has become a myth; it is perceived not merely as a place, but as a living presence. To be part of this presence, to graft one’s individual life to this collective life, may be a form of immortality.”

The New Eighteenth-Century Style by Michele Lalande
(Personal Scans)