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The search for blight in Philadelphia is not a difficult one. In fact, it is pathetically easy to stumble upon beautiful abandoned structures while walking home from work, to a friend’s house, or while riding your bike to the coffee shop.

For years now, I’ve searched hungrily for these vantage points, framing them in my mind’s eye, only hoping to be able to return later to photograph them. Sometimes, as serendipity would have it, I stumble upon the most fascinating blight while on my way to photograph something else altogether. Such was the case with the old Rieger and Gretz brewery on Oxford and Germantown.

After researching the building, I discovered that it was an old brewery founded in 1881. During this time in Philadelphia the city was home to a whopping 94 breweries! What was even more fascinating was that the company closed its doors in 1961. Has this building really been abandoned for 51 years?

I was absolutely taken aback by the stone workmanship of this facade. They really don’t make ’em like this anymore…

Rieger and Gretz Brewery – Oxford and Germantown Avenue
(Personal Photos)