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While I was out shooting the Thomas W. Buck Hosiery fire a few weeks ago, I also managed to squeeze in some photos of the John Bromley Carpet Mill right across the street. This is another blighted warehouse in Fishtown, steps from the El.

The architecture of this building is a lot more uniform than the Buck, with repetition probably being its most attractive quality. I love seeing rows and rows of windows reaching upwards, especially when a shot makes them seem endless.

I thought it was hilarious and slightly worrisome that this abandoned building had a Direct TV satellite dish attached to one of the railings, along with barbed wire and a wooden cross.

You can see where part of the window is about to fall off in this picture.

A view of the front, as seen from an opening in the El tracks.

Some of the details of this building I found particularly interesting were the rust streaks in the upper windows, the plaster sides which had crumbled to reveal the brick underneath, the intermittent stars, the corbels and mantels of the windows…
The decay is utterly apparent and the face of the building has a haunting beauty- another fine example of the long abandoned factories of industry in Kensington.

John Bromley Carpet Mill – York & Jasper Streets
(Personal Photos)