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I am beyond obsessed with Turkish culture and history. So of course I was way psyched when a movie named Topkapi from 1964 came up in my Netflix queue. Topkapi is the palace where the sultans lived during the Ottoman empire and it is breathtaking.

The movie itself is somewhat kitschy, although at the time was very well received and one of the supporting actors won an Oscar. My favorite parts of the film, and what makes it worth the watch, are the shots of Istanbul and the palace. They show these old wooden houses which were common during the 18th century and are now some of the oldest wooden dwellings in the world. This movie is fifty years old so they don’t look quite as bad as the ones I photographed when I was there.

Right now I am reading a book on the harems at Topkapi, it is an eternally fascinating subject. I need to go back to Istanbul!