Girl Crush Miroslava Duma


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I find that often times during an interview for a job in the fashion industry, a common question is, ‘Who’s style inspires you?’

Now truthfully, names like Barbara Stanwyck and Ginger Rogers come to mind, but people always want to know contemporary fashionistas!

We are so used to certain names being thrown around, (Chung, Olsen, Moss) but I wanted to dig a little deeper. It turns out there is an entire troupe of Russian lovely ladies with incredible style, and Miroslava Duma is one of them!

mir4 mir5gf miredf miregk mirejdgnsn mirfdknffn Valentino - Outside Arrivals - PFW F/W 2013

Granted, everything she’s wearing is designer, but I could definitely see myself sporting these looks in vintage versions!

And the hair…¬†love!



A Lady in Spring


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I want these glasses! I’ve been thinking about buying some vintage millinery vegetables and putting them on a pair of sunglasses. It would really give me that ridiculously garish cabana look I’m always going for in the summer.

Marie Piovesan by Paolo Roversi (A Lady In Spring - Vogue Italia March 2012) ma mafhr mar marffg marfigfj mariddm marie mariea maried marieff(A Lady In Spring Vogue Italia March 2012)


The Last of Sheila


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I had never heard of this movie until a few years ago and I’m so glad I did. It’s a murder mystery, and it really keeps you guessing until the very end. It’s written by Anthony Perkins, a favorite of mine, and he weaves a great web. The story starts with Sheila getting killed in a hit and run accident and we spend the rest of the movie trying to figure out whodunit. The suspects are asked on a yacht trip hosted by Sheila’s husband, where he plays a serious of games to get the guilty party to admit their wrong doing.

And of course what happens along the way is crazy! Not to mention the great 70’s outfits and sets, with Raquel Welch looking mega-babely…

the-last-of-sheila-3 the-last-of-sheila-6 the-last-of-sheila-2 the-last-of-sheila-5 the-last-of-sheila-1 the-last-of-sheila-4There’s lot of weird props that they use as well, including these puppets which are shown several times throughout the film.

the-last-of-sheila-1That watch clock on the wall in this scene is great, not to mention her glasses!

It’s definitely worth checking out, it’s one of the few movies I’ve seen where you really don’t know what is going to happen until the very end!

the-last-of-sheila-3 (1)



Mr. Selfridge


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There’s a new show playing on PBS right now that I am completely hooked on. Mr. Selfridge tells the story of the department store magnate and his life and loves. As you can imagine, the episodes are full of gorgeous, opulent costumes and sets.

Check out the stills from the episodes. Drooling!

mr-selfridges-1 mr-selfridges-2 mr-selfridges-3 mr-selfridges-7 mr-selfridges-8 mr-selfridges-11 mr-selfridges-12 mr-selfridges-13 mr-selfridges-14 mr-selfridges-15 mr-selfridges-17 mr-selfridges-23I was happy to be able to go to Selfridge’s when I was in London, although it doesn’t quite look the same!

I can’t wait for the new episode tonight!


Life as of Lately


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At the moment I’ve been unable to blog, it’s terrible!

I’ve been staying with a friend who doesn’t have wireless internet, so right now I am sneaking off and using it somewhere else…


I just found some lovely ladies to take over the empty room at my apartment and I’m so excited to be back to normal life in 2 1/2 weeks!

And in 38 days I will be flying to England! I cannot contain the joy this is bringing me, for so many reasons. I really hope it will be a trip I never forget!

Also, I believe I will be interviewing for the Visual position at the new Fulton Street store in Brooklyn, so I will hopefully be moving back to New York this summer!

I don’t want to jinx it, but it feels like things are finally coming together!